Sculpture at the Rollright Stones






To many people it will seem incredible that this much loved ancient stone circle on the borders of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire should have become even a temporary home to a piece of modern sculpture like this.

"Turning the world inside out" by Anish Kapoor was then on loan to the Rollrights from Bradford Museum, Galleries and Heritage and the large, highly polished stainless steel structre has been placed in the centre of the stone circle so reflecting all of the stones surrounding it.

Reaction to it was very mixed. Though few entries were in the visitors book when I visited in July only 24 hours after the placement, a representative at the Rollrights was able to comment that there had been "a lot of negative feedback". Should we be surprised by this ?

To those going to the circle to meditate or tune in to the circle and its environs this bright shiny man-made object must surely seem like a nightmare intrusion, distracting from the natural rythm and harmony of the stones. It would without doubt make it very difficult to hold a ritual of any description in the stone circle though I am sure that any such activity will have to be suspended during its stay.

And yet..... I liked the sculpture. I found its appearance and concept interesting and I liked the way it seems to counterpoint the ancientness of the stones themselves. I would be happier to see it in one of the grassy spaces between the entrance and the circle but it would then lose its artistic impact.

As dowsing rods are available for loan on site I took the opportunity to dowse the circle. I was relieved to find that the large metal mass of the sculpture appears to have had no impact on the energy fields as yet though it will be interesting to see if this is still the case towards the end of the three weeks.

The Rollrights are always worth visiting for their own sake and, as is no doubt intended Anish Kapoor's art made a thought provoking addition to this ancient site.



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