Fluorite, Calcite and Pyrite

Calcite is a lovely stone. I have a medium sized piece which is a chunk of calcite at first glance. Then you notice the coloured cubes of the fluorite and the small round balls of gold substance which is the pyrite. All three together are really lovely and very useful in healing.

The stones are often found very near to each other, in fact pyrite is often found with fluorite or growing along side fluorite. Calcite will be growing not too far away and is often also found in the same stone with fluorite. It is quite interesting to note that all three crystals which work in the mental range should grow next to each other and indeed as in the case of the trinity stone, all three in one stone. They all work in stabilising the vibrations of the higher mind.

Fluorite - channels the intuitive power into the physical

Calcite - aids with mental adjustments are being made or alterations in thinking or new attitudes are taking place

Pyrite - strengthens our mental capacity and is the foundation for the other two to grow from.

Together Pyrite strengthens metal capacity and helps to develop the higher facilities of the mind. It aids the mind to understand the new higher knowledge. Calcite helps to quietly remove old attitudes and make room for new enlightenment. Fluorite will put the new understanding and knowledge into action on the physical plane.

These three stones in this mental trinity crystal are great for helping to bring out psychic abilities. People who channel, psychics and counsellors should have the mental trinity crystal with them for it will help to open up the higher mind and to connect with it and bring forth the information waiting to be channelled. During layouts any one of these crystals can be laid on the third eye centre to stimulate the higher brain frequencies.

These crystals are wonderful in combination as the mental trinity or on their own and can simply be worn or meditated with and will help with integrating the intellect with the intuition and helps with the development of IQ. It is good also to practice with these crystals the mental exercise of charging crystals for anything that you may need them for and these mental crystals are the best to practice on. Ask them to help you get a good clear mental picture of what you want the crystal to do and work on that before actually charging the real crystal. There will be a great difference in the quality of charging and the mental images that emerge.

Good luck.

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