by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A.


Master crystals are teacher crystals and are power tools of enlightenment. These special crystals are programmed with knowledge particular to itself. Each crystal is recognised by either its shape, markings or inclusions. If you are looking for a crystal to channel for you then you obviously want a channelling crystal and this is one of the Master Crystals and has a certain amount of sides and markings for you to look for.

I am going to make a list of these important crystals including all the relevant information, you never know, you might find that all the time. you had one of these special crystals in your collection but did not know it. I thought that for those of you interested in crystals this particular article would be of interest, so sit back, read and enjoy.



These crystals have a large seven sided face which is easily recognisable and the facet directly at the back of this side should be a perfect triangle. Nothing differs ever, this is how you find that you have one.

Seven is a mystical number. It is the number of the seeker of truth, the mystic. It represents the intuition of our higher selves, it is wisdom. The large seven sides facet on the channelling crystal symbolises the inner doorway which we go through on our journey into the higher mind.

The triangle on the back facet is a symbol of truths that are to be spoken i.e. channelling the knowledge and passing it on. Three is creativity joyously expressed. Three is the Goddess in her aspect of Maid, Mother, Crone. Deep mother mysteries. Magic and wonder.

what is channelling and how do you use this crystal in your work.

Channelling is the recording of messages that have come through to you. It is the answer to a question that you have asked using this crystal. There are times that you may be communicating with your higher self i.e. your soul (that which is separated from pure spirit but not bound in the physical world therefore has access to the higher knowledge of the Akashic records). It is possible also to communicate with inter dimensional beings of either greater or lesser spiritual advancement. Unfortunately to those who are not careful and discerning you can be used by disincarnate spirits who wish to speak with the physical world, we must find out if they are working in the light and be very careful who we open up to. It is important to remember that there are many levels of communication and not all are of greater intelligence than us, we must not assume straight away that they are any more special than us, be careful is the keyword.

The channelling crystal can be used in personal meditations. They can also be used to answer specific questions that need answering.

Before you begin to use this crystal for your work sit quietly at your altar or place of meditation and breathe quietly and slowly and prepare yourself for the work in the usual way. Think deeply on the number seven on your crystal and meditate on what you want of

it. Visualise a clear blue light moving into the throat chakra and a purple one into your third eye. Activate these two chakras by bringing in this light and clearing the chakra and energise it, set it to spin in these colours. You can use crystals to help you holding them to the throat and third eye whilst visualising. Throat - Aquamarine, Blue Celestite, Gem Silica, Blue Quartz. Brow - Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite.

Celestite.JPG (397562 bytes)

Now it is time to call upon your protection in whatever way you do so, be specific about the work you are doing and ask for the blessed light and protection throughout. It is assumed that your channelling crystal has already been programmed for use, i.e. you have gone through the process of charging it with channelling work.

Now you can either hold your crystal or place the seven sided facet to your third eye and ask what it is you want or communicate with whomever. Channelling crystals can be used in conjunction with record keeper crystals when attempting to retrieve the knowledge that was placed into the record keeper.

if you have no specific work at hand then you can just tune into the crystal and be receptive waiting for any information or knowledge to be transmitted to you. Be open, be patient and don 't be put off if you do not receive for the first few times. You must work with your crystal and practice with it. Eventually something will happen. Be honest. You must adjust your mind to the frequency of your crystal, but once done the information will flow freely.

It may be vague at first but do not be put off, persevere. Afterwards write everything down and always keep a log of your work.

If you practice this regularly you will become more in tune with your channelling crystal and you may even begin to feel others in the room with you. The more you work the more this will happen as those on the inner planes will recognise you and gather round. If you have the urge to speak out loud then do so, there will be a reason.

ft is important throughout though to keep your own identity, stay in charge and keep your energy high and bright. You must always be the one in control.

There are a few channelling crystals that were programmed with specific knowledge by the ancient Elders a very long time ago. This knowledge is specific and is for a particular person with the knowledge and understanding to deal with whatever comes through. Only those who are meant to receive will receive. Others may just use this crystal as a means of getting answers to questions, or help in meditations. All is of value, all is of tremendous worth.

These very special previously programmed channelling crystals usually have clouded inclusions inside them, spiraling wisps, phantoms or record keeper markings. They are usually large and very beautiful with a very high energy field.

ft is a time for opening up to the higher realms of spirit to gain as much knowledge as we can and to align ourselves with the higher frequencies and we can with the help of our channelling crystals. I hope this has been interesting and advise you to get yourself one and work with it and to enjoy whatever you receive.

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