Laser Wands
by Anji Gill-Jennings Crystal Therapist and Healer C.H.S.V.A

The great ancient civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu were known to use crystal power for a great many things, suffice to say that for the purpose of this paper and your information these ancestors of ours were extremely knowledgeable when it came to the power and use of crystals and they used them in their daily lives. They understood how to utilise crystals with the help of the sun to power their machines and to use them in the healing arts. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the knowledge these ancestors had in the use of crystals.

It is interesting to note that if I come across a new crystal and sit and hold it the knowledge of its use filters into my brain from some source, this source is one I never question but I have a belief that one of those ancient people help me and pass the information I need when necessary. I accept this as naturally as breathing the air without thinking about it.

In a dreamlike state, I have actually seen a particular person although it was more of my spirit going to meet him. I was in my bed thinking about crystals and Lemuria and I must have drifted off into that half sleep state, when I became aware that I was in a chamber. This chamber was quite big and was lit well. In the centre of the chamber was a man sitting on a high backed chair which was very ornate. He was taller than me (I am 5ft 7inches) and he had very dark hair which was collar length. He wore a round hat on the top of his head which was encrusted with lovely coloured gemstones. His clothes were covered by a long flowing robe of dark blue velvet and around the edges of this robe were more beautiful gemstones. He never told me his name and I never asked. In short he said that I had been called to him and that the question I had asked could not be answered at this moment in time but would be in the future when I was ready for the answer. He showed me a large leather bound book and said I would be taking this book of knowledge back with me although it would be on another plane and from this book would come the answers to my questions. He said he would always be with me and that when I needed to know anything I only had to ask and the answer would come to me. I was protected and guided in my work and always would be. It was an amazing experience and one which is still very vivid in my memory, that is why I know that Lemuria exists on another plane still, because I am positive that he came from there.

The physicians in ancient times used laser wands to perform surgery. This surgery was performed by using the laser wand directly on the patient, the physicians concentrated on bringing the universal energy down through his chakras and into the crystal and then passing this to the patient. Lasers are extremely powerful healing tools but in the wrong hands can do more harm than good. Laser energy is straight and direct. A beam of intense light is directed through the laser. You can use this energy to put a protective energy field around any object, be it a person, house or something that you want protected. pointing the beam away and around the object.

If I have to make my way home in the dark I connect with my laser wand and bring through the beam of energy in the form of light into the crystal and then pointing the laser away from me I direct a beam of light around my body, in this way I am protected by an energy force that is powerful and it will keep at bay unwanted attention. I call it my cloak of invisibility. It is important that you do not point your laser wand at anyone when you are working as the beam will penetrate the body and can cause a break in the aura. It is the one crystal in the vast collection that I have that is placed in a position where it is facing a wall, just in case.

It should be understood with advanced crystal healing, ie. for cancer and other life threatening dis-ease that the patient should have attended previous sessions with the healer to discuss the patterns of his/her life, emotions held within, traumatic events in that life that could be held deep in the subconscious and that these have been faced and brought to the surface during healing sessions. It is only when these old traumas that cause blockage in all the other bodies have been removed through the healing sessions that the disease can be removed physically. If there is anything that has not been faced and willingly talked of and released then the healing will only be completed in part. The patient will find that in the future the old complaint will surface again and again until all the issues have been released, emotionally and spiritually first; until that time there will be a recurrence of the problem. It is for the healer to gently delve and get to the heart of the matter before beginning the healing at this level.

A laser wand is one of the powerful tools in the crystal kingdom for removing blockages that have been imbedded for a long period of time but care has to be taken with its use. The most common places where the laser is used is around the solar plexus and chest where the emotions are blocking the heart energies, also around the base of the neck and the third eye where old programming is stored.

When using a powerful tool such as a laser wand it is important to use another crystal lo soften the effects of what this crystal will bring up to the surface, i.e. malachite on the solar plexus and azurite on the third eye. These stones will help to surface the mental and emotional patterns that are causing the blockage. It is important that the healer helps the patient to understand why and to what purpose these blockages were caused, the lesson learned and faced. It is at this point in the healing that the laser wand can be used to sever the old patterns so that they never recur.

After using laser wands you can use rose quartz and green aventurine, two crystals that govern the heart area to help with the after effects of the healing. The patient may be in ~i state of tears and need this comfort. Extra healing should be given after a laser treatment.

You can also use laser wands to cut out of your life what is not needed anymore. Jealousy over a relationship, anger, insecurity, sorrow, or guilt. You can use it to cut your attachment with people no longer in your life. To sever any negative emotions or attachments.

The healer must decide which chakra is to be used and then ask the patient to breathe away the tie as the healer cuts the cords that tie them to that emotion. The healer then cuts the ties three times one on top of the other while the patient concentrates on the breath and letting go. After this the helping stones are placed on md energy and love is directed into the chakra. (Rose quartz, pink kunzite, green tourmaline and green aventurine).

Lastly the patient should be well grounded before going off into the world, and rest for the remaining part of that day while the energies settle down.

As you may realise from the above the laser wand is not for general use as it is a master crystal for use by a trained healer. We have only scratched the surface of what crystals can actually do for us in our daily lives but as we use them more and more our knowledge is expanding and our memories of crystal power are coming back to us. All crystal healers are remembering a life that they had in one of the ancient civilisations and have come back this time to pave the way for future generations to understand and use these remarkable tools in the new age that is coming. Crystal healing is not a new age fad, it has been used upon the earth since time immemorial but was lost to us when the earth underwent its climatic changes and the old world was lost, but the ancient knowledge was programmed into special crystals for certain people to find and to use when the time was right. That time is now. The centuries of dust are being slowly blown away and we are once again acknowledging the wonder of the mineral kingdom.

Some people are drawn to the beauty of a crystal sitting in the sunlight reflecting its colours and will buy it and place it somewhere in their home to look at, not realising on a conscious level that the crystal will bring light into their lives but knowing somewhere deep down that it is doing good and bringing in good energy to their home. Others know of the healing power of crystals and like to wear them and keep them in their home also. Lastly there are the healers who use crystals and for these people of which I am one, the secrets of the crystal kingdom holds a fascination that is not comparable. Crystals are light solidified, pure and magical, they bring harmony and balance when you know how to use them. As a healer who practises in other forms of healing I can honestly say that the use of crystals has empowered my healing gift 100% and I find that even if it is not a crystal healing that I am doing but another form of healing I always have myself surrounded in crystals knowing that they will enhance my work, bringing in that extra light and extra protection and a little bit of magic.


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