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Kira's Response

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 Stonehenge Project Team
Highways Agency
Zone 2-05/K
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

 To Whom It May Concern,

 A303 Stonehenge Improvement

 I am writing to register my objections to the draft A303 Trunk Road (Stonehenge Improvement). I do not believe it to be the best or most sustainable option for the area, and I respectfully request that you consider seriously every feasible alternative.

 My prime concern is for the sensitive archeology abundant in the area, a great deal of which has not yet been properly explored. The tunnel’s construction may well disturb and destroy instances of archeology not yet discovered, and I feel this too great a risk to take. I see the scheme’s aim of intending to return Stonehenge to a more natural area as admirable, but don’t agree that boring a tunnel under the landscape is a reasonable or practical way to go about it.

 I am also extremely alarmed that the new highway scheme is being proposed to ease, even solve traffic congestion issues. The only ways truly to eradicate such difficulties are to improve the nation’s public transportation network and to educate automobile users in alternative methods of transport and in the long-term benefits of not being so dependent on cars.

Simply building a wider road will not provide any permanent solution. It will merely lead to a continuing build-up of more dense congestion which in turn will prompt future highways authority to widen roads even further (and further).

 For a sensible, sound decision to be made in the best interests of all concerned more time is needed. More time, more consideration, and most of all more patience. I hope that you and your colleagues will act responsibly and do what is needed to solve properly Stonehenge’s problems.

 Below I have included some of the point made by the dedicated individuals at, as I believe their points to be valid and worthwhile.

 Thank you for your time and attention.

 Yours Sincerely,




 * The proposed highway scheme would cause considerable environmental damage to the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and the archaeologically and environmentally important surrounding area. According to the Stonehenge Management Plan, prepared for UNESCO: "The Stonehenge World Heritage Site is internationally recognized as an outstanding archaeological landscape. Inscription on the World Heritage List places Stonehenge, with Avebury and its associated sites, beside other World Heritage Sites of outstanding universal value such as the Pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall of China."

 * The proposed highway would have negative impacts on the internationally important rivers Till and Avon, noise impacts on Stonehenge and local communities, and a number of other adverse environmental impacts that the Highways Agency's plans do not properly consider or address.

 * The proposed highway would be over twice as wide as the existing one. This would encourage traffic growth, causing further safety problems elsewhere along the A303 route and in neighbouring communities.

 * The proposed highway contravenes a number of important policies and plans, most notably the Stonehenge World Heritage Site Management Plan, but also planning policy guidance notes.

 * A variety of alternative plans for Stonehenge have not been explored, publicized, or financially investigated. I believe it is contrary to European environmental law to pursue the current highway scheme before other alternatives have been properly considered.

 I request you to hold a full public inquiry into the plan at which objections can be discussed and alternatives can be explored in detail.


(Ed. Kira's details have been edited from this letter for reasons of privacy but if you want to contact her, her e-mail address appears at the head of the letter.)

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