How to use your crystals

by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A.

oct '98

Whilst I was thinking deeply on which crystal I would talk to you about this time I came up with an idea. I thought that sometimes I would give you all a few tips on how to use your crystals. Starting at the beginning then in this issue I will tell you how I cleanse and dedicate my crystal.

Cleansing and dedicating are important steps especially if you are going to use your crystal for healing. Crystals take the information with which we charge them and magnify that information. Think how much stronger a healing session can be when your crystals are all cleansed, dedicated and charged for that sole purpose. Of course you can use your crystals for a number of other purposes and the way they are looked after will be the same.

When I take my crystal home the first thing that I do is place it in a bowl of warm water with about two table spoonfuls of sea salt and I leave it there for three days and nights. At this time the crystal is cleansing itself. Removing all negative influence and vibration from itself and the vibration of all those who have handled it before you.

When you are ready for the next stage it may be a good thing to remember that the water has now taken all the stuff the crystal wanted to be rid of and therefore being mindful of this as I am pouring it away I say to the Universe something like "As I pour away this water may the negative vibrations within be changed to positive, in the name of Light". I feel that this is quite important as there is enough negativity in the world without adding to it, no matter how small. Everything is energy and vibration, our everyday acts are so very important and we should be aware of everything that we do and how it effects the world as a whole.

Now run cold water over your crystal. It will really sparkle. Do not dry it on anything, especially the dirty tea towel which is probably to hand. Let it dry naturally. The next thing that I do is to dedicate my crystal to the Light, by simply holding it to my heart for about five minutes, breathing with it, allowing myself to become in tune with its energy. I take time out to do this with every single crystal that I have. I usually sit at my altar at this time, I put in my best for each crystal and love them, knowing that they will give it back to me 100 fold. When I feel I have a connection with the Deva of the crystal I then speak to it and tell it that from this moment forth it is dedicated to the workings of Light and I ask the Lords of Light to take note of this, simple!. I say something like this

"Lords of Light and all the workers of Light

Take note that the Deva of this crystal

will be working for the light,

Is dedicated to the light and from now on

is connected with all things for the Light"

The crystal has now been cleansed and dedicated. The next stage is to charge it. This is when you charge your crystal for a specific work. For this I really do take my time and another session at the altar is called for. I light my white candle and put on some incense and I breath slowly and get myself into a quiet state. I then hold my crystal to my heart and ask the Deva to connect its energy with mine. When I feel ready and I know what I want my crystal to work for I then hold it to my third eye and picture what I want it to do. If this is to difficult then just see the words going deep into the middle of your crystal. Then say it out loud quite a few times. i.e. "Deva of this crystal, I charge you to become in tune with me and my energies for the work of healing", make it short. You will know within yourself if you feel happy that it is done, stay with it until you feel it is done to your satisfaction.


I usually place my crystal now for a month in a place where the full moon will light upon it and ask it to imbue itself with the power of the full moon. I also leave it there for the sun and daylight to fall upon it. Finally, I place this crystal somewhere safe and use it as much as is possible. Crystals like to be used and the more you use them the more you will be in tune with their energy.


You will only need four crystals for this 10 minute layout. Make them clear quartz crystals about 2 inches long with a single termination. Lie on the floor with one crystal between and just in front of your legs, termination facing away from you. Place two crystals at your wrist level on the right and left, termination facing away from you. Lastly place a crystal with the termination facing away from the top of your head and not quite touching. Lay in that position for 10 minutes. This is better for you than a nap. If you are sensitive you will feel the energy moving especially around the head area.

I hope you have enjoyed this Crystal Corner. See you soon, Anji.

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