Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A

Best selling novelist Barbara Erskine moved into her 16th century home in 1991 and has had ghostly visitations ever since.

The first ghost she saw was the figure of a lady in Victorian dress wearing an apron. She was as real as you or me", said Barbara who only realised something was wrong when she asked her housekeeper about the woman but the housekeeper had never seen or heard of her.

A week later she was shaken awake in the night by the same lady bending over her; quite unnerving. Barbara woke up in total panic to see her face hovering over her and then disappear suddenly.

Barbara's home is built next to an old Norman church and the site of her house has been inhabited since pre Roman times and is known as one of the most haunted houses in Great Britain. Barbara says that after a hard day's work when she starts to relax the visitations begin; for instance in her herb garden a Roman Centurion marches up and down and up and down. A friend of Barbara's came to try and get the soldier to move on but he said he could not because he had not been officially dismissed from his post. Barbara called in an old friend who is now retired from the Gurkas and he spoke in Latin to the solider and dismissed him, the Roman Centurion has not been seen since. Barbara says that he would not take orders from a woman and needed someone of authority to take the order from. Her friend says there was actually a whole battalion of Roman soldiers surrounding the place and that they could not go into spirit because they had not been given sufficient burial rites.

Some time later the visitors became a bit out of control, Barbara would feel he': hackles rise and a white blur would rush past her to the stairs. Barbara called in the help of Environmental Harmony which specialises in electromagnetic stress and geophysic stress. They estimate that one in fifteen houses in this country has unseen occupants.

They found that in Barbara's house there was a Victorian family, a father, daughter and the maid. The white blur that had been rushing round was the daughter who was unhappy because her father could not come to terms with her condition. The maid felt responsible for the child. It took a long half hour to persuade them all to go on to spirit, the room had become very uncomfortable and tense but eventually the atmosphere lightened and felt bright again.

There are two kinds of ghosts. Firstly there is the headless cavalier and the floating grey lady, these are the empty apparitions. Traumatic events release a tremendous amount of emotional energy which leaves its imprint on the ether, these images are simply an action replay of the past. The other type is an actual spiritual manifestation, it looks solid, it can hear you and it can see you. The only difference between it and you is that it is dead and you are alive still.

Some spirits often find it difficult to travel to the spirit world, many are earthbound because they do not know they are dead, i.e. died suddenly, car crashes etc. Others prefer to linger around loved ones or their homes with familiar surroundings and people they love. Lastly some have issues that have not been finalised and stay to try and work it out.

Some of these spirits can have a negative influence on the living, some people suffer from nightmares, insomnia, headaches and anxiety. One woman had just moved into her new London home and found that after a month she kept feeling sick and started having headaches. She found the atmosphere of her home was becoming oppressive and the only time she felt herself was outside of it. Eventually she called in a psychic and he contacted the spirit of a man in his fifties who had been the previous owner. Apparently the owner did not like the new decorations that she had done and resented his home being invaded and changed. The man was eventually persuaded to move on and slowly over a week the atmosphere changed back to light.

Earthbound spirits don't change the moment they die, if in life they were controlling types they will be controlling types in spirit but usually they mean no harm they are just confused and frightened. They live in a twilight world of their own making and imagination and will continue to do so until they resolve their problem or ask for help.

Spirit helpers contact lost and confused souls and talk to them and guide them to the light where they can find relatives and friends who have gone before and find their way to where they should be. It is a very worthy way of spending ones time. There must be millions upon millions of people lost in spirit so there is plenty of work to do.

Veering slightly away from what I have been writing about I must tell you about my personal experience of rescue work. I was training to become a medium with a Bristol Spiritualist Group and there were six women and one man in our circle one night. We were all meditating when the man started to foam at the mouth and to talk in a strange way. The man in charge of the group told us all to stay where we were and not to be afraid and he went to this chap and laid his hand on his head and asked him what his name was. He said his name was something like Edgar. He was asked what happened and he said he was chased by people through the woods and that they had captured him and killed him and buried him under a pile of stones. From what information was gathered this was about 500 years ago.

He was asked if he would like to go into the light and rest with loved ones and he replied that he would, so he was told to turn and face the light and to walk into it. He must have done so because the chap this was happening to let out a long sigh and sort of flopped. It was quite an experience for me; it was the first time I had seen a rescue. I asked why it ha] happened in our circle and was told that it was the right time for him to move into the light and that when we all sat in our circle we sent out an energy beam into the ether so spirit would see that and would be drawn to it. Obviously it was his time to move on as he was attracted to our beam of light. I was glad to have been a part of it.

Many years later I myself have experience of helping those who have been left behind into the light. I have found that it is not a difficult process you just need patience and to be practical about it. You should not have too much conversation with the spirit, just ask who they are and if they are willing to pass into the light where they will find those they love and be happy, tell them they are no longer of the earth and should not be here now.

Before beginning the room should be cleansed and blessed and then the work dedicated to the light and helpers asked to come. I always ask the relatives of the spirit to be ready to hold out their arms in welcome to the spirit when I ask them to. A little bit of incense and white candles are used to help the transition along. Sometimes you may find they do not want to go, then call in their loved ones to help them, alternatively you can call upon the help of the angels who will help them to go over into the light.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that feeling on the back of your neck, or have you had to turn round quickly because you thought there was someone there? Probably there was someone there but you could not see them. Not all of us can see spirit, just a special few but quite a lot of us can feel spirit but don't take much notice of it. We always tend to say things like "its just the wind" or when we see there is no-one there just shrug it off.

To some of us the unseen world is as real if not more real than the physical. I believe that it is the spirit world in which all things are possible, where we see all the colours that we cannot see on earth, where we see all forms of life not just human. Think how exciting that must be. The physical world is here to teach us but it is very two dimensional which is very restricting for us who have contact with spirit and know what space and height awaits us when we die, all things made possible, no ailments or burdens; just being.

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