The Fluidity of Fluorite
by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A.


I love crystals. All crystals but especially Fluorite. The tumbled pieces of green and purple are like stained glass when held up to the light. A beautiful swirl of colour with fluidity and movement so pleasing to the eye and so uplifting to the spirit. 

Fluorite is a very special crystal. It is peaceful to look at being green, blue, purple, white or gold, all cool and watery colours. Therefore this crystal helps to bring peace. Calm and tranquil waters soothing the troubled mind. 

Purple is the colour of the spirit, as is white and gold and combined into a crystal along side green, which is a physical colour, it shows that the spirit can be brought together with the physical and work together to produce something of beauty. Spiritual and physical planes in harmony or the physical structure opening up to take into itself the divine. Fluorite tells us to reach out to the spirit and make it a part of yourself. There is no division. Hold your Fluorite and listed to the truth it will tell your. Learn from looking deep into the Fluorite. Watch the swirling of the colours and you will know that it tells you that spirit and matter are not separate things and cannot exist without each other. The physical vessel awaits the spirit to fill it and give it life. The physical vessel holds the spirit pouring into it. The one needs the other. They combine and are the mirrors of the creators perfection.

Fluorite is really helpful when dealing with problems in the realm of the mind. The calming influence is legendary. It aids concentration. All mental efforts and exercises are helped with Fluorite.

Fluorite comes to us in three manifestations;

1. Pyramid,
2. Cluster,
3. Octahedron

Clusters are usually purple. Laboratory work and all forms of research are aided with the Fluorite in cluster form.

The pyramid for meditation. It will help you to channel the cosmic force into the physical plane.

Three is a magical number and the three Fluorite formations remind us of the triangles of the qabbalistic Tree of Life. The Supernal Triangle of Kether, Binah and Chokmah and the Lower Triangle of Hod, Netzach and Malkuth. Once again a reminder to us of the cosmic flow of energy down through the sephiroth from Kether to Malkuth to be rooted in Man. Holding your Fluorite crystal and studying the Tree of Life is quite an eye opener. All sorts of ideas flow forth and the understanding becomes much deeper and profound.

I have spoke before of the Mental Trinity and if you remember Fluorite forms of the crystals of that Trinity.

Fluorite teaches us that we are multi-dimensional beings and helps us to understand and work in harmony with all that brings to us and all that means. We can find deeper inner peace whilst living the divine will. Energy through action. Divine will in the manifestation of the physical world.


Fluorite Meditation

Place a Fluorite pyramid against your third eye.
If you have a light box, place another pyramid upon it so that the light shines through and upwards.
Sit straight.
Become a pyramid with your head at the apex.
Breath deeply with your eyes closed for five minutes.
Open your eyes slightly and gaze at the pyramid.
Look deep within and travel within. Feel the essence of the pyramid and then close your eyes again.
Hold the image in you mind. Concentrate.
Look again at the pyramid. Take the image again into your mind. Close your eyes again and see the pyramid.
Repeat for a third time.
Breath deeply for a further three minutes or so.
Bring the power and energy of the pyramid into your being.


Daily practise will help bring large amounts of cosmic energy into your body for use in your day to day existence. It is a good idea when you first do the Fluorite meditation to repeat it over a specific time frame; a week, a month etc. Keep a diary of everything and anything that happens. Do not be surprised if you start to remember a past life or see a future life. The crystal helps to transcend space and time.

It is a very worthwhile meditation exercise which brings enormous benefits that will show themselves in your daily work and also in the peaceful, calm expression shining from your eyes.

The eyes, as we know are the mirrors of the soul.


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