The Angelic Energy

By Anji Gill-Jenning C.H.S.V.A.

Elestials are one of the Master Crystals with the Archangelic realm.

Elestials are rather strange to look at and are quite different in their physical make up from other crystal formations. They look like hundreds of small crystals that have been stuck together all higgle-de-piggledy. Neither are they smooth or polished and this makes them stand out from other crystals.

When I first saw an Elestial I thought it was not a beautiful crystal and wondered why the angelic realm, which we think of as ethereal and beautiful would choose this crystal form to align with. I pondered on it for a while until I realised that one of the lessons of the Elestials might be; appearances are often deceiving. We perceive the Angel as a being of great beauty do we not? Whilst the Elestial does not appear beautiful it holds within it the spirit of the shining angels. It is something that human beings have not yet learned. Just because someone or something looks beautiful does not necessarily mean the soul is shining through. I have look at people we might regard as "ugly" and have seen the most beautiful eyes and smile and have seen the loving soul living in those features. I thought it over and reminded myself of the saying "Beauty is only skin deep". We must all work at being truly beautiful. I think that this is the first lesson of the Elestial.

This of course was a totally personal experience. It may be that when you see an Elestial for the first time you will perceive it in a different manner.

Harmonising with the Celestial ray the Elestial is a wonderful comforter for those about to move into the spirit form, relieving them of the fear this process may bring and helping them to identify with the Celestial realm from which we have come and to which we must return.

Elestials will strip you right down, down to your deepest self and bring to the surface dark thoughts and old pains which have been to deeply buried for you to face and overcome. Trauma that has been buried so deeply that you have been living with it and yet have not realised it or know of its existence. Consequently it is essential that you are well prepared when working with Elestials. You have to be fully responsible. When working with a client you must ask their permission if an Elestial wants to part of the healing. It should be explained what kind of work the Elestials do; very, very deep cleansing. Even with permission proceed slowly and carefully.

Elestials will only come into your life or healing process when the time is right for you to deal with old identification and communicate with your real angelic self. All the emotion of the heart will be directed up through the Crown Chakra for spiritual enlightenment and cosmic nourishment. Always be sure you are ready for the truth before embarking on an Elestial voyage.

The Elestial concentrates its energy in the pineal gland in the brain where thoughts and feelings are brought into sharp focus. You can then view these in an abstract way. Elestials heal from the place where emotion does not exist. Emotion is when we feel the feelings but do not act on them. Then these emotions double back and become suppressed. For example; when we felt LOVE but the emotion was not acted upon it was subsequently pushed down onto the subconscious mind, there to fester into a negative force and not be released. This kind of activity can eventually lead to physical illness depending on the nature of the emotion and the mental and emotional makeup of the individual. We must remember that every person is different and accordingly is likely to re-act differently too.

The Elestial crystal is from the realm of pure spirit and because it does not recognise emotions allows us to see things in a more dispassionate manner allowing us to learn to use the heart and mind together. Elestials will work on the are needed for individualism. Whether it is cleansing, clearing or centering oneself, this will be done with very different results. They are very powerful crystals and I cannot repeat often enough that great care and responsibility is needed in their use.

The Green Tourmaline assist the heart when using the Elestial and the Blue Tourmaline will assist the Crown Chakra, softening and interpreting in a more gentle way and thereby shielding the client from the powerful force of the Elestial.

As well as the pineal gland the Elestial also works on the pituitary gland and is therefore very good at working with schizophrenia and the after effects of using drugs. It helps to revitalise burned out brain tissue. Used together with the Blue Tourmaline much damage of this nature can be repaired. It can help with fatigue, depression and general burnout.

Elestials can be used by a couple who want to "soul connect". Sit facing your partner. One of you hold the Elestial in the upturned palm of your left hand. The other partner should place the palm of their left hand over the Elestial. Now both close your eyes and open your minds and let the images flow.

When worked with carefully and responsibly the Elestial energy is both powerful and deeply healing. In the right hands the results of working with Elestials can be truly COSMIC.

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