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The construction of Stonehenge has been ascribed to all of the following:


Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth

The Druids by John Aubrey and others

Atlantis by W. Blakett

Romans by Inigo Jones

Saxons by Algernon Herbert and others

Danes by Dr. Charleton

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Stonehenge is made up of eight different monuments built over a 1500 year period.

In the latter half of the 1800’s the Victorian tourists did so much damage to the monument that one of the Trilithons fell down. It wasn’t re-erected until the turn of the century.  

At the Smithy in nearby Amesbury you could rent a hammer to enable you to chip off a piece of the stone as a souvenir.

Stonhenge-EJB.JPG (655840 bytes) Over the ages many people have tried to reconstruct Sonehenge. Some in the most accurate way possible and others in the vision of their minds eye.

The illustration show here was drawn by EJ Burrow, a well know writer, illustrator and publiser early in the 1900's. Burrow publised several works during his lifetime laced with a profusion of illustrations. Most of the these were of ancient encampments and barrows etc. but other works survive also covering a wide range of subjects of which this is one.

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