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Everyone of us has at some time or another known who was ringing us on the telephone or when a friend or relative needed us, for all of us, to greater and lesser degrees, have psychic abilities. Not everyone wishes to use these abilities but for those who do, you can heighten your intuition by using crystals. 

You can start by laying out in front of you one or a selection of the following: 

Amethyst Yellow calcite Lapis lazuli Moonstone Star sapphire 
Apophyllite Amazonite Selenite Celestite Sodalite
Smoky quartz Azuite

Lavender smithsonite

Azeztulite Petalite
Phantom quartz Ametrine Aqua aura Kyanite Apatite

For those of use who love crystals, there should be one or two of the above in your collection that you can work with.

For those who may not know, Ametrine is a crystal that is made up of two stones; amethyst and citrine.  It is a lighter purple in colour mixed in with yellow and is a very pretty crystal.

Take some time out.  Find a quiet space and relax.  If you practice yoga or can do yogic rhythmic breathing then use it now to prepare and centre yourself.

Even if you are not going to do any particular exercise, to sit quietly with one or a few of your crystal collection will help you to tune in to the energies of crystals.  You could use this time to feel the difference between your crystals, as each and every one has its own vibration.  Spend some time learning how to be quiet and then tune in, making notes as to how it feels and how one vibration differs from another.  To start with it is probably best to choose crystals from different gem families, such as an agate and a piece of quartz, as the vibrations here will be easier to distinguish than two pieces from the same family.

Crystals are a wonderful aid to meditation.  When I am doing a talk, I give everyone a crystal to hold, and afterwards have found that those who would usually find it difficult to centre themselves and then meditate, say that there is a vast difference in their experience and they find it so much easier if holding a crystal.  This happens every single time.

The energy, colour and form help to quiet the mind.  Blue selenite and rhomboid calcite help to shut off the off-putting mind chatter.  They are both good in helping to bring the mind to a place of stillness.

Kyanite, lapis lazuli and turquoise enhance the meditative state. 

Azeztulite, antacamite and petalite help to take you into another dimension.  Placed at the third eye chakra, azeztulite brings you into a protective spiral that integrates your spiritual essence within the physical body and then brings enormous clarity and guidance from the highest source.

Petalite forms guardian angel protection and connection and helps to keep you grounded during the work you wish to do.

After your meditation, holding a smoky quartz will then help to ground you back in the physical realm.

If you still feel “floaty”, eat and drink something to bring you back properly.  It is not good to allow yourself to feel in any way un-grounded, after any crystal work.

This is a good time to mention that you may find natural smoky quartz that has been treated to turn it black.  Natural smoky quartz is a very powerful crystal and one of my favourites.  Obviously it does not look pretty enough and is turned black to make it more saleable.  Although this looks nice, it leaves the crystal worthless in terms of healing and meditation.  A true and healthy smoky quartz is a dull browny colour.  It may even look a bit yellowy. If you buy a black smoky quartz it will need careful healing and loving to bring it back after its ordeal.




Find a comfortable place; your temple room if you have one.   Place the crystal with which you have chosen to meditate upon your altar or upon a small table where you can sit and see it at eye level.  You may wish to light a candle and have some incense burning.  I also love to have a vase of flowers and a small bowl of water on my altar to represent the four elements.

Looking steadily at your crystal, begin your yogic breathing or just breathe deeply and evenly and keep this up for at least 5 minutes.  You can move if you need to.

Allow all tension and care to fall away and relax totally.  Allow yourself to blink, there is absolutely no need to force yourself to something that is not natural and is also uncomfortable.  In short to meditate your must be totally relaxed, so also watch your sitting position; kneeling is only good if you are comfortable in this pose and your knees are cushioned.  A straight spine is what is required for the energy to flow freely from the spiritual realms through your chakras, without blockage or causing you to be uncomfortable and therefore keep shifting position.  To many of you this will be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned to those of you who have not tried this exercise before, as it could spoil your concentration.

Place your hands round the crystal and breathe out.  On all the out-breaths allow your tension to flow through you and into the crystal; the crystal will transmute the negativity for you.  On your in-breaths draw in through your hands the peace that is within your crystal’s energy. Allow yourself as much time as is necessary to achieve a feeling of peace and harmony before you move on.

Next, just open up and allow yourself to feel the energy of your crystal; ask your crystal to show itself to you and listen with your heart, feel with your heart.   Draw the energy in an effortless manner through your hands and into your heart.  You may feel instantly at peace.  It may take longer; it depends on each individual as this is a totally individual experience.  You may ask your crystal to pass to you any guidance it has for you.  Keep yourself open and watch all that is happening.  Remember anything that comes into your mind.  Watch for any colour you may be given; any name or names given or any ideas planted in your mind.  If you have asked a specific question, ask it again in a short but clear way and listen for your answer.

When you feel you have experienced all there is to at this session, thank the deva of the crystal and thank your guides also.  Take your hands from the crystal and sit back.  Now is a good time to write u the session in your diary before it becomes a blur.  It is good to keep a diary especially for your work and exercises with your crystals, and keep it up to date for you to compare and to look back on your progress.  Things can become easily forgotten and you do not wish to lose any knowledge or any message or answers to your questions.

Have a cup of tea and a biscuit to make sure you are properly grounded and back in the physical realm; this is very important.

To start with I suggest you get to know and use one particular crystal.  You may come to know and love one in particular for this work and this is really good.  You may also wish then to experiment with other crystals and learn about them and note the differences.

At the end of the day you will find and use just one of these crystals as your own special meditation crystal which is exclusive to you and this work.  After working and experimenting with many I have a special love for one crystal that is my special and exclusive tool for this type of working, and I hope that on this wonderful journey, you also will tune in to yours.

Remember, when you work with crystals that time and space is not relevant.  Be in the moment; breathe in the moment and enjoy the time you have set aside in your life for this very rewarding exercise.

I wish you joy on your inward journey of light.

Special Note: A new moon or a full moon is a good time for this type of working.


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