Crystals and Relieving Stress
By Anji Gill-Jenning C.H.S.V.A.

Stress affects almost everyone at some time in their lives. Over-work or life circumstances, its causes are rarely straight forward. The effects of stress may be felt long after the actual trigger is over. For instance; when you appear to be in danger, the adrenal gland goes into overdrive and puts the body into a "fight or flight" mode which does not necessarily switch off when the challenge has passed. In this "hyped-up" state the mind and emotions are stressed.

Crystals gently soothe and put you back on track, by bringing all the parts of you, including the subtle bodies that comprise the aura, back into balance and harmony. Crystals facilitate total healing i.e. "holistic". Learning to relax helps to avoid stress and to deal with stressful situations.

If you suffer from stress-related panic attacks keep a piece of blue/green Smithsonite nearby. Sleep with it under your pillow. It gently eases the symptoms and calms your fears. It is a "comforter" stone.

Stress is very often based on a mental or emotional attitude. It is a common effect underlying thoughts such as "I'm not good enough"; an unconscious mental attitude that compels you to push yourself harder. Stress leads to the over production of adrenalin. It can have the effect of insomnia and a dysfunctional immune system. You become "wired"; unable to relax.

Crystals will work on multiple levels of your consciousness. A correct combination of crystals is very important. Certain crystals help you to relax, others help to regulate the adrenal gland and the immune system. You will also want to put a crystal into the combination that helps to restore confidence.

Calming Tigers Eye will ease the stressed out adrenals, helping to calm the overwrought nerves. Tigers Eye is also a good crystal for gaining confidence and therefore works well in this situation on multiple levels.

Aragonite helps to keep you grounded and centred and will help to give a clearer insight into the cause of the problem. As self worth is brought back up to the surface you will find it easier to cope with the day to day pressures.

Tigers Eye is the best "main" crystal for a stressful situation. It is very much an earthy crystal, very grounding and steady. Jade is usually used for the immune system but like the Fire Opal it is not suitable in this instance. It is important to use compatible crystals and for this purpose earthy and calming crystals are best. Therefore the Amethyst would support the Tigers Eye in its work, gaining back confidence and soothing the frazzled and burned out nerves, calming and strengthening the immune system. Amethyst promotes soothing healing sleep, thereby allowing the whole body a chance to recuperate.


Stress Relievers

Everyone is different and some people might be drawn to the Rose Quartz rather than the Amethyst for its peaceful emanations, both doing the job in their own beautiful ways but using different vibrations. It's an individual thing.

The following are crystals that can be used for stress relief; helping sleep, easing worry, generally soothing and calming. You will not use them all and indeed may only be drawn to a very few. If you have asked for help in a clear, concise manner stating what help you need, i.e. sleep, calming, ability to relax for at least fifteen minutes etc. then you will be drawn to whichever crystals are the ones you particularly need.

Tigers Eye,  Amethyst,  Sapphire,  Aquamarine,   Peridot,  Aqua Aura,  Herkimer Diamond,  Amber,  Morganite, Aragonite,  Calcite,  Labradorite,  Aventurine,  Selinite,   Lepidolite,  Lapis Lazuli,  Amentrine,  Charoite,  Larimar, Topaz,  Moss Agate,  Rose Quartz,  Smoky Quartz,  Chrysocolla,   Rhodonite,  Serpentine,  Blue Chalcedony

What do the crystals in this list have in common ?

First, look at their colours; blue, green, purple, pale pink, cloudy quartz, clear quartz and mixed colours.

All these colours are soothing and easy on the eye.

The colour of a crystal will give you an insight as to what it can be used for because the colour is a good indication of the level of vibration. The crystals vibration will bring into alignment with it the dis-eased area so that both vibrate at the same rate bringing "harmony".

Whilst beating stress with crystal therapy you can also treat sleeplessness and stress with fragrant oils. A few drops of Lavender oil on your pillow, or in an oil burner in the bedroom for an hour before you go to bed, help immensely. A touch of oil on the pulse centres before going to work can help too.

It would also be helpful to wear gentle colours reflecting those helpful crystals;.gentle and uplifting airy colours such as pale pink, pale blue, lavender, white, lemon etc.

Once a balance has been achieved one must learn to keep it that way. Learn to set aside some time every day to meditate or do some form of mental exercise. "Time Out" is absolutely necessary in the hectic world of today.

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