A Colour Crystal Meditation

By Anji Gill-Jennings


Put yourself in a quiet place with no distractions for an hour.  You could if you wanted to and as long as it would not interfere with your meditation, have some gentle music in the background. 

 Choose two clear quartz crystals, one for each hand to hold during the meditation.  The quartz crystal will help you to visualise.

 Now breathe deeply and evenly, in and out slowly, relaxing yourself, calming your mind.  Breathing slowly, relaxing and letting go.  Take as much time as you need until you feel ready to start.

 With your feet flat upon the floor and your crystals in each hand we begin.  Our earth chakra is six feet down beneath our feet and we imagine that the light of the earth chakra is moving upwards, slowly, a light rising from the earth and slowly moving up towards your feet, then covering your feet and moving up your legs right up to your heart where the light will sit.

 With your mind, reach up to the Universe and draw white light down.  Down into your transpersonal chakras and into your crown chakra, moving down into your heart where it will sit alongside the earth light.

 Filled with the light of the earth and the light of the universe, slowly move the light up and down your spine, head to toe, slowly filling you and then let it rest at your heart.

Be aware of your body at all times.  Register how you feel throughout this meditation.

Bringing your focus back to the earth, visualise a bright red colour forming at your feet and allow this red colour to rise and encircle your ankles.

From your ankles the red slowly turns to a vibrant orange and moves up to your knees.

From your knees the orange then turns into yellow and moves to your navel.

 The brilliant yellow light then slowly turns to pink and moves up to you heart, feel the love.

 The pink then rises up and slowly turns into a lovely blue which encompasses your shoulders and moves slowly up to your throat area.

From there the blue starts rising slowly and turns into purple which swirls around your face.

After a short while the purple light moves up to your crown and turns into a brilliant white light which swirls around and ever slowly moving upwards.

You drift up through the white light and burst out and into a dark, star filled sky.

Allow yourself to float in this amazing space.  Floating up, weightless, drifting ever higher until you see a door.

Look at the door.  You can see light behind it.  What shape is your door ? What colour is it ? Try and notice everything about this.

You float over to your door which opens up for you to pass in.  What is the first thing you see?

Take your time with your experience, note if you have seen anything at all.  It may be a loved one who has passed.  It may be an Angel.  It may be an animal, maybe a geometric pattern, a colour or a special place.  It will be different for everyone.  Note anything that comes into your mind.  You may just get fleeting images.

After a while you turn back towards the door and pass through and shut it behind you.  You start to descend, very slowly, enjoying the sensation. 

The stars are twinkling in that dark, dark sky and all is silent. 

You are descending, down, down until you pass through the white light. 

Then down and through the purple light. 

Slowly descending through the blue light.

Next pass down through the pink light

and on down through the yellow light.

Next you move down through the orange light

and finally through the red light and you watch the light fade away.

You are back in your chair. 

You feel your feet upon the solid ground. 

Sit for a while in the quiet until you are ready. In your own time open your eyes and think about the journey. 

 Make a note of your experience and anything you may have seen or heard.

 I hope you enjoyed this meditation.


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