Cleansing crystals using herbs is a lovely way. Two herbs spring to mind straight away, Cedar and Sage both being powerful aromatic healing herbs. The best way to do this is to buy a smudging pack which consists of a block of the herb all tied up together so that it can be picked up easily in one go. Then light the ends of the block and allow to smoulder. Hold the crystal over the smoking herb saying the appropriate words.

It is probably a good idea to have smudged the whole room, before you started to cleanse the sacred space. There are so many ways to make the sacred space ready and smudging is good for this as well as purifying your crystals. I always make a ritual of cleansing and purifying and charging my crystals. I have everything needed on my altar so it is easy to reach and I write down what I am going to do beforehand so that it runs smoothly with no hesitation or wondering what to do next.

Another way of cleansing crystals is to bury them in the garden for about a week allowing the earth mother herself to clear out any other persons vibrations within the crystal. This is a nice way of doing it and especially for any crystals that are to be used for grounding in the future.

The Moon is a powerful and mystical way to cleanse and purify your crystals. For myself whichever way I am cleansing I always put my crystals out in the light of the full moon having been told to take into itself the energy of the moon and hold it within. One night of the full moon is sufficient. In fact you would see in my garden on may a full moon night various crystals have a moon bath as I particularly like to allow my crystals this special treat now and again. My crystals work hard for me in healing and should be cleansed and rested now and again and allowed to recharge.

For the feminine stones and the watery stones it is a good idea to place them in a small bowl full of spring water. I have some Chalice Well water from Glastonbury which I use for this purpose and place crystals in the water and then put the bowl out under the moonlight. Lovely. The stones that would benefit from this form of treatment are Opals, Moonstones, clear Quartz, smoky Quartz, rutilated Quartz, there are others but you can always ask for yourself or just know intuitively which crystals would like this.

Placing crystals inside a pyramid construction recharges them also. It is all down to the special geometric structure of pyramids that lends its cosmic energy to purify and energise whatever goes within them. Crystals that would specifically benefit from this form of cleansing would be crystals that has been on computers, electrical equipment, sitting on plug sockets, traumatised crystals and overworked crystals. Also any crystals that have been used in a healing for diseases such as cancer, aids or HIV or any other debilitating disease such as those.

There is also the energy of the Sun that can be used. Sun energy being totally different to Moon energy and is wonderful for some crystals where strength would be needed in a healing or the fiery energy to help stimulate or circulate.

Another unusual way of cleansing a crystal is to place it near an animal. If your cat has a basket the crystal can be placed in there for a night or two, cats are very physic animals and will love to help you with your crystals.

If you need a crystal very quickly in a healing and you feel that you really should cleanse it quickly before using it then running water from the tap can always be used obviously with your intention of cleansing running through it as well. Let the water run for about three minutes depending on how much time you have.

Another thing that I do after a healing and after I have cleansed the crystals is to place them on a large bed of amethyst just to sit there and recuperate. This is also a good idea to do for all your crystals, just to take it in turns to sit on the amethyst cluster or on a clear quartz cluster, either is fine. The energy of the combined crystals which are a sort of family together will pass into the individual crystal and energise it.

Lastly you can make an infusion of purifying herbs in boiling water and leave to cool down then place your crystal in the herbal water. This is an unusual method and came to me not long ago so I gave it a try and found it to be satisfactory. I would not make up an infusion and cleanse in this way often but when I want to drink a cup of herbal tea I make extra and then use it.

If we understand that we are all about energy and everything in the world has energy then we can devise many different way to use that energy to aid us in what we do. We can make it a very enjoyable and jun experience. I would be interested to hear of any other methods you know of or of any new ones you have devised yourselves. Please do let me know. In the meantime I hope you have enjoyed the latest Crystal Corners and that you will look forward to my next instalments.

Placing your crystals in sea salt is of course one of the favourites.

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