I have chosen to write up about Celestite because of its affinity with Angels.


Being brought up an Irish Catholic, Angels played a large part in my religious life.  They are in the Bible helping people in need.  They were in paintings which hung in the church.  They were spoken about in our school religious class.  In fact they were a central theme in my early years and I learned about the main four at that time.


I, along with millions of people visualised Angels as human like figures with large wings all in beautiful coloured robes.  We do have a tendency to humanise things we do not understand from the higher realms.  This is fine, it’s a good start.


Angels have many different tasks to perform and one of those tasks is to take care of humanity.  We all have our special Angel, given to us at our birth and this Angel will answer you and take care of you if you acknowledge its presence.


Crystals are tools that we can use to help us communicate with Angels and I have chosen Celestite as one of the special crystals for working with the Angelic realms.  Celestite is a very beautiful clear light blue.  It is one of the clear crystal formations and has a light all of its own.  The pale blue colour is resonates with the Angels and gives you a feeling of peace and calm but also raises your energy to the highest level when you work with them. 


I was wearing a celestite pendant on the day I went out for a car ride with my flatmate in Bristol.  We were driving round the countryside on a beautiful afternoon.  I had not long been taking driving lessons and I badgered my friend into letting me have a drive, promising not to go to fast.  Oh dear.


We swapped places and it felt good to be in the driving seat of her two seater sports car.  Before I started up the engine I took hold of my pendant and sent up a silent prayer to my personal Angel guide to keep me safe.  I have had been doing this on a long term basis as a start to learning more and getting closer to the Angelic realms and my personal Angel.


The road was totally clear of traffic and so I started up the engine and headed off at a slowish pace.  Going along steadily I started to get a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach but I just carried on for a bit more but started to think that I should stop and let her get back in the driving seat.  It was a good job we did not do that.  All of a sudden I lost control of the car.  It started to swerve one way and then another and I was trying to gain control at the wheel but to no avail, the car was all over the road and if there had been any traffic on this road we would have been in real trouble.


I just didn’t know what to do and my friend was in a panic.  I decided to bump the car up on the pavement and my friend put on the handbrake.  Needless to say she was furious and wanted to know what I was playing at.  We had to call the AA and sit and wait for him to come.  She did not speak to me so we sat there in silence.  At this time I felt that I would surrounded with an energy which felt light and loving at the same time, but I said nothing to my friend.


Eventually the AA man came and looked the car over and told us that someone had slashed two of the tyres and that we were lucky we were not killed.  I knew right there and then that I had been guided to drive the car slowly for a while to allow the tyres to burst while I was driving.  If my friend had been driving we would have been going 60-70mph and when the tyres burst would have had a crash which could have been fatal.  That was in fact what the AA mechanic said and that we were very, very lucky.  My friend apologised and we sat there shaking.  The night before we had gone to a nightclub and we think that someone did it outside the club.


Coincidence, no, definitely no, I believe I was directed to drive instead of my friend and divine intervention saved our lives.  I was wearing my celestite pendant which I associated with Angels.  This incident happened over 20 years ago and is still fresh in my mind.


Many years later I am more involved with the Angelic realms.  I have learned who my two personal Angels are and I meditate with celestite to reach out to communicate with them.


You can use celestite when working with transpersonal chakras, drawing the light down and into your physical being.  I also use celestite crystals when doing a crystal healing on the area around the crown and third eye.  If you particularly want to feel your angel you can meditate with a kunzite and celestite at the heart area. 


Working with Angels and crystals has been a life long road for us and it does need work and dedication to reach your goals.  It took me many years to be able to feel my Angels but if I ask them to be near, for any reason, they come, and I can feel them.  Sometimes I am surrounded with love that is tangible.  Sometimes I feel a light touch running down my body like someone lightly touching with a feather.  I have seen flashes of colour and tiny stars flashing at the corner of my eyes.  It is so rewarding after working hard for so long and it is joyous.  I have actually cried with the emotion of it.


There are of course other crystals which you can use for this purpose and which are high energy crystals but I do have a particular love of celestite.  It has a wonderfully calming feeling and of course blue is a spiritual colour and is calming. 


I went to the Cirencester Fayre with my sister some months ago and in the main tent there was a crystal stall.  I of course found it and loved all the amazing crystals on display.  But I had to buy a celestite geode of the most fantastic blue with the crystals sparkling with energy.  It was a considered purchase but one that I was happy to make and it sits proudly on a shelf where everyone can admire it.  Sometimes in the evening I will sit and hold it while watching tv and find that especially before bed I feel relaxed and calm and ready for a good night’s sleep.  I absolutely love celestite.


Goddess bless and may the Angels watch over you.