The Solar Plexus and Malachite, Chrysocolla and Azurite.
By Anji Gill-Jennings


The solar plexus is the seat of "I AM". You can imagine then that this area will take some nasty knocks and shocks throughout life. Your fragile ego sits in this chakra and all your life's sucesses and failings remain in the solar plexus, it is you, it is your personality and it can be very frail.

This chakra needs cleansing regularly and with the right combination of crystals you can clear it out totally of accumulated bad energy and blockage and then imbue it with the strength of the Sun, which of course is its colour, a wonderful yellow.

What crystals would you need for this exercise, lets take a look..............

Malachite and Azurite together.

Malachite is a beautiful mid green and Azurite a fabulous deep blue. Two very beautiful and intense colours working well together. These two crystals are often used together for very deep work and are a very powerful combination.

Malachite is a crystal that works on the deep subconscious and eases out the pain that is hidden away and often thought forgotten. Malachite releases emotional pain.

Azurite is well know for its deep healing properties and it ability to sooth the pain that is brought to the surface by the Malachite.

Place a good size piece of Malachite on the solar plexus and then a piece of Azurite on either side of the Malachite. A piece of Rhodocrosite can be placed just above and just below the solar plexus to soften the effects of these crystals. The release of deep emotions or pain that is sat in the solar plexus can be distressing and other crystals should always be placed nearby or held in each hand, their job being to soften the blow and make everything run smoother.

The next step is to place four double terminated crystals outside the solar plexus which will help to pass the debris and emotional stuff that has to be released out and away from the body. Always remember to ask the Universe to turn any bad energy into good energy. Just as you would not want rubbish tipped into your garden then you do not want your emotional pain off loaded into the ether, it should be changed into some better energy and you simply need to ask in a prayer like way and it will be done.

It will always help the healing if you prepare yourself first. Write down what you want to achieve and then read it when you are getting started, saying aloud that you wish to be healed and relieved of your problems. You will have your crystals ready and then charge them for the work you are asking them to do.

Always cleanse your crystals after you have done some deep cleansing work with them. The work with these crystals if done properly and with an open heart can be very releasing even if painful but you should carry on. A good clear solar plexus helps to keep you balanced and you can also fill your solar plexus with golden yellow light to make it stronger.

Good luck on your learning journey.


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