Moonstone Crystal The Goddess Stone

by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A


Moonstone is a very feminine stone.  It has been called the stone of the Goddess and rightly so as it is very beautiful in a very feminine way. A Moonstone is usually a lovely milky stone.  It has a cream background and radiates blue hues and a sort of mother of pearl effect, truly magical, truly female.


A moonstone as its name suggests can be used together with Moon energy. 


When women have that time of the month holding a moonstone and asking for its healing energies to help seems to give relief.  Most women are in tune with the Moon whether they realise it or not and may bleed during a full moon and at this time the moonstone can be invaluable in helping with pain and uncomfortableness.


When a woman is giving birth the moonstone is helpful when held throughout giving out its gentle energy.  Of course this is a very private female time and this gentle stone is very unobtrusive.


A moonstone was given to a young girl entering womanhood in some Indian tribes as they knew the magic of the stone kingdom and passed on its wisdom to the young. 


The medicine man of the tribe and the wise woman of the tribe would make a medicine bag for themselves which they carried round their neck or their waist.  These medicine bags contained special herbs, crystals, bits of tree and moss and many more magical things to aid them in their craft.  Many a rabbits foot would be included and we all know about that don't we.  In the wise woman's medicine bag there would most definitely be a piece of moonstone which was held in high esteem amongst the tribes as women's magic.


Moonstone is also a lovely present to give a new baby as it is also a stone of innocence.  Its energy is gentle and childlike but powerful.


If you are taking part in a Goddess meditation or visualisation it would be most helpful to be holding a moonstone to help you.  Also if you are working with the Moon whether it be a new Moon or a full Moon the moonstone will help and guide you if you ask.


Many blessings



The Moonstone Meditation

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