A Master Crystal

by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A.


The name of this crystal is a dead give away.  This is the crystal named for the great Goddess Isis.  

The Isis crystal is very easy to recognise.  At the very front of the crystal is a five sided design.  A very specific five sided design. An ideal Isis crystal has all five of the sides to be of very equal length and if this is so then the crystal will have greater personal balance.

The Goddess Isis herself holds the power of self healing and of inner strength and this is the secret of the Isis crystal named after her.

This crystal is of a most definitely feminine energy focusing on the power and energy of woman.  That inner strength which so often is held inside until driven to come to the fore e.g. when a child is in danger the mother will show incredible courage to save her child when during the normal course of her life she may be a very ordinary character and not one you would call courageous.  A lot of the energy of this crystal is about depth and the ability to see deeper than ever before and with much more clarity.

Looking closely at the geometric pattern of the Isis crystal we look firstly at the two lines which start from each corner and rise to meet at the top, these lines should always be of the same length which indicates the ability to bring a situation into balance.  The base line symbolises the physical plane of existence. The three lines are joined together and meet at the apex which symbolises that we can rise above our physical plane of existence and reach as high as we want to.

The Isis crystal has five sides and the two longest sides reach a point at the apex.  I have already explained that this symbolises that upon the physical plane we can, all of us, find it within us to reach the highest pinnacle, to climb every mountain, to overcome the physical plane and its restrictions and that we all have the potential to do this.

The Isis crystal encourages the integration of the spiritual and the emotional body. E-motions are feelings that are out of control and out of alignment with the spirit, therefore creating their own motion.  Feelings are the true expression of spirit as expressed through the heart chakra and into the physical world.  By balancing these e-motions the Isis crystal shows to us the true experience and expression of spiritual "feeling" which is totally different to emotions, with the Isis crystal we can reach higher than we have done before and experience the spiritual highs that were out of our reach. 

The Isis crystal balances out the emotional body of people who are hyper-sensitive and teaching them to be calm and to block the overwhelming feelings that can swamp them from people they are trying to help.  It is a very good crystal for healers teaching them and showing them how to distance themselves so that they do not become entangled in emotional trauma that is not theirs.  Healers can be over sensitive and the use of the Isis crystal is important in their work.  Place the crystal at the third eye and at the heart centre and breathe in and out, deeply and evenly for a few minutes each day before attemtping to do any healing involving emotions and it will teach you greater understanding without personal involvement.

The Isis crystal is a great aid during the dying process.  One of these crystals can be held by the dying person helping and preparing them to leave this incarnation, keeping them calm as they make the transition.  When the person has passed over the crystal can be given to the loved one who can hold it for a while and pick up the calm within it enabling them to feel the calmness that was felt as their loved one passed over and this will help them to recover, not only knowing but feeling their passing into the spiritual realms without fear and darkness.

The Isis crystal can also be carried on the person of a very young soul, from child to teenager right into adulthood, helping the soul to feel comfortable in the physical world and to remind the soul of the place it has come from and will return to but during its lifetime to keep a balance as it sees the suffering all around.  It will help the young soul to remain steady and balanced while in human form.

Although the Isis crystal is predominately a female crystal it can be worn or used and meditated on by males who are not afraid to experiment with their emotions.  Emotion is usually put in the domain of the female but in this new age the males are learning that there is nothing about understanding his feminine side.  It is simply an expression of a many sided many natured being and it can be an exciting experiment getting to the root of the male psyche.

There is so much more that can be said about an Isis crystal so much more to go into as it is one of the master crystals.  I have written previously about master crystals and explained that they are the special crystals and that if you have one then you were meant to have it as it found its way into your possession, that does not mean that if you have one of the master crystals that you are meant to have all of them, just that particular one and you should look after it very well and meditate with it often, writing down what comes through, random thoughts, deeper thoughts, ideas etc etc keep these in a diary and at a later date read through what you have written and think on it, there may be a special message for you in the crystal that you have to find for yourself.  You may have clues in the writings you put in your diary and may notice a similar theme coming through time after time, but you will not notice any of this unless you set the time to meditate with the master crystal including Isis crystal.  This special time in which you meditate and connect with the higher energies of your crystal is a most important time and you should take your time about it and learn to look forward to your time with the crystal.  You could also place the crystal under your pillow to keep up the physical closeness.  It all helps.

If an Isis crystal comes into your possession your are definitely blessed as the essence of the Goddess herself has come into your life so treat the crystal with the utmost respect as is houses the intelligence of the Goddess, what more could anyone possibly want.  Ooh it sets a tingle up the spine as it is pure magic.

Enjoy your Isis crystal.


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