The Magical Energy of Flowers and Crystals
By Anji Gill-Jennings C.S.H.V.A. 


There is a special bit of magic that many of us do not realise can be utilised; that is flower energy for healing.  Quite a lot of healers do not realise this either, I hope you will understand the following and enjoy using it in your magical workings.  Healing is magic.


Pick yourself half a dozen roses from the garden.  Do make sure they are your own roses.  From your own garden they will hold the energy of your special, loved space and that is very important.  If you think about the love you would put into a garden and the special love into the plants growing there.  I love Roses above all flowers but also love almost equally Freesias which are not only colourful but have the most amazing scent which is really powerful and sweet.  I have often wondered when I have bought some freesias why it is that you are given 3 or 4 stems of the flower, you could not call it a bunch of flowers at all, just a couple of stems and you are charged up to 4 for them.  That has always bothered me as it does not happen with any other of the flowers, not even the roses.  If any of you find out why this is then please do let me know ok.


As I am writing out this crystal corner exercise I must tell you that I have a small vase beside me and in it is an open yellow rose with another small unopened flower on its stem, a pink one with three unopened buds just ready to come out and a large purple rose with one small bud attached ready to come out.  The smell is fabulous, so sweet.  They are from my garden and each bush is tended with love and with insect repellent of various sorts and rose feed and any other thing I hear that they love.  Now and again I will be found out there with my hands over the roses drawing energy from the spiritual realms to help my bushes along and they love it as the bush quivers with the energy being given.


You may also notice that the different colour roses smell different.  A rose has a lovely sweet smell to start with.  The pale pink is sweet but very light.  My yellow roses are quite strong but still quite light.  The purple roses are the strongest smelling having a deeper scent than the others......beautiful.  I must say that I love the purple roses and the white ones also.  My white rose bush was a gift from my friend Maz as she knows I am interested in history and in particular Richard III and a white rose was one of the emblems of the Yorkists.


So there you have a lovely vase with six roses in it with plenty of water for them.  This should be placed on the table you are working on.  On this table also should be your pendulum.  Also a clear quartz crystal which is special to you.  I have a special clear quartz which is also a channelling crystal and that is what i use it for.  What we will be doing is using our pendulum to move the energy of the roses into the channelling crystal to be used for healing.  Alternatively the energy from the roses could be moved into spring water as part of a healing elixir.  For this part of crystal corner i am just going to take you through passing the energy from the roses to the channelling crystal.


With everything in front of you dedicate your work to the Lords of the Universe and Lords of Light.  We always do this to ensure that our work is protected as we do it by the Angels and that no harmful influence can interfere with us or what we are doing.


Once we have dedicated our work and asked to be watched over with love we are ready to start as this is quite simple to do.


Take the vase of roses and ask the energy of the roses to allow you to use their wonderful energy and say this out loud and say what you will be using it for.


Take up your pendulum which I presume is cleansed and everything made ready with it.  Hold your pendulum for a few minutes to your third eye and make your connection and then transfer it to your heart and ask the pendulum to help you transfer the energy of the roses to the crystal.


Pick up the crystal and hold it to your third eye and connect with the crystal for a few minutes, asking it to accept the energy from the roses.  Say this out loud and be specific in explaining what you are doing.  This is beneficial for various reasons but is very helpful for the healing on may levels.


Place the roses and the quartz crystal near to each other and pick up the pendulum.  Allow the pendulum to pick up the energy in its own time and to start moving and in your mind tell it over and over again to collect up the energy of the roses and pass it to your crystal.


Once or twice during the next half an hour you may stop and reiterate your intention to the pendulum and the crystal.


That is all you have to do for half an hour.  Be thorough in your work.  When you have finished this transference of energy you can place the roses somewhere to be enjoyed and if you are not using the crystal straightaway then put in a safe place for later use.  If you have a place and wish to use it then the crystal can be placed on the person with the problem and the energy released for them.


You can hold your crystal having directed it to wherever the energy is needed to be released and direct it yourself.  Try and see the energy flow from the crystal to the affected area.


I often use this method to capture the energy of the roses to use on my skin.  You can also collected fresh rose petals and put them in a basis and cover with very hot water (not boiling) and leave until cool then strain.  Using a cotton wool ball you just use it like an astringent.  Its lovely.  You should use it in the same week as it does not last well in hot weather but a small but of alcohol added to it should help it a bit.  I have not yet found out where to buy this form of neat alcohol but i presume you could ask at the chemist.


You can use any sort of flower you like for healing and it is usually something that you do with your usual healing routine as it is a gentle form of healing and should really be used on someone who badly needs cheering up, or someone who has just come out of hospital and whose aura needs sprucing up.  Someone who has had an operation recently.  Someone who has had a bad bout of flu.  For skin problems.  For beauty tips.


If i am going to use flowers in my healing I do try and ensure that the flowers i use are ones that are appropriate.  You can buy books on flowers and how they relate to different things.  Obviously red roses are used for love, and pink roses for young lovers, for compassion and gentleness.  My yellow roses always make me want to smile as they are like the sunshine on dowdy spirits immediately lifting you up.    White roses are for purity. 


I hope that the above was enjoyable for you and I hope that you try it out.


Flowers are wonderful and help to make our planet beautiful but they do not only do that, if you care to find out you will find a complete and wonderful magic all of their own just waiting to be discovered and used for our benefit.


The only payment for this wondrous free gift is that you are always careful and always reverent remembering to ask and remembering to explain and at the end remembering to say thank you for what you have received or to have learned.





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