by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A



Another thing you may wish to do while you are there in the moonlight is energise water.  Water is energised for a variety of reasons one of them being to drink as a healing elixir. 


You choose the crystal that you feel would benefit the illness and follow the steps I have shown you above and then you bring out your bottle of clear spring water.  Do not use tap water if you can help it.


Dedicate your exercise to the Lords of Light again.  Hold up your clear glass flask of water and call upon the goddess of the moon to energise the water with her light.


Imagine the moons light beaming into the water.  Look at the moon through the glass bottle and see it filling up with light.  It is always good to have a little two line ditty to repeat as a chant as you do it........


"moons light, moons light, shine on this water strong and bright

to take a drink we then will feel, the power of the moon to heal".


I have just made up that rhyme to give you an idea of what you need to chant and you keep this up while visualising the light pouring into the bottle. 


After a while of chanting and visualising you may bring it to a close by thanking the goddess of the moon.


Place the charged crystal into the water and leave it out in the light throughout the night.  The water can be drunk by the patient at the time you are doing your healing session.


You can do this with any of your crystals that can be submerged in water.  There are some that should not be put in water so do be careful and check it out if you are not sure.  Kyanite is one that cannot be sat in water for any length of time and there are others but I will leave it to you to ensure you are doing everything correctly.


I hope you enjoy trying out my visualisations and I hope that I help you to strengthen your healing sessions.


With love and light.



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