The Crystal Pyramid Meditation
By Anji Gill-Jennings C.S.H.V.A.


In this world we are bombarded with noise and disruption to our spirit.  Our lives are filled with many things that cause us stress including how we earn our daily bread, i.e. our work.  Our obligations to family and commitments cause stress and disruption also.  We are surrounded with noise from traffic constantly in the background of our daily lives as most of us live and work in towns and have no escape.


Meditation is a valuable aid to stress reduction and is a fantastic form of relaxation.  It is unfortunate that not many people use this very helpful aid.  Many of us will go and have a relaxing massage.  Some of us will go and have a facial which is very relaxing.  Some of us will go and have a work out after work for an hour to be followed by a lovely shower or a shower and half an hour in the sauna or steam room.  The last group of people belong to a Karate Club, or some other form of movement.  All of the above are wonderful stress busters, but you may notice that all of the above are things that you take part in or go to and work with others in a group.  None of them are things to be done totally alone and none of them are inward thinking. 


Meditation is something that not enough people take part in.  A lot of people are able to go and take part in something but find it very difficult to come home and set the time aside to mediate.  Yes, it can of course be hard, the telephone may ring, the door bell may ring, the children are running round the house, the tea has to be prepared etc, etc. so there are plenty of excuses that can be made for us when we get home which puts a mediation session out of the question.


For those of you who would like to start meditating but were not sure how to start or how elaborate to make it I have decided to put this simple crystal meditation into my Crystal Corner with my love.  It is one I do myself and it can take 5mins or half an hour depending on you.  I would say this though, many times I have thought I would mediate for 10mins as that was all the time I thought I could do it for only to find that when I have finished and look at the clock half an hour and sometimes a whole hour has gone by and I have enjoyed what I had been doing and felt all the better for the experience.


If you wish to hear spirit you must listen.  If you wish to be a better spiritual person then you can be by contacting your deeper inner self and spirit knows and will help you.  You only have to ask.


Having said the above i now ask you to go to the place in your house where you will have time to yourself without being interrupted.


It is really important to be comfortable, if you have a luxury carpet to cushion your behind then lovely but ensure that you will be comfortable wherever you sit as that is one of the things that you will notice so it is very important that your space is comfortable and that you will be comfortable throughout.


Take three large-ish quarts crystals and placed one in front of your spaced and two behind you, one on the right and one on the left so that you will be sitting inside a three corner pyramid.  If you do not have any large crystals then use whatever clear quartz you do have, the size is not the most important thing.


Just behind each of the crystals place a night light so that it glows through the crystals and also gives you some light.  You may wish to burn a joss stick or a small bit of meditation incense.  Another thing which will really help is to smudge your space which helps with clearing debris to leave your working space light.  It also smells lovely and helps with your meditation.  Lastly you could play some background music if you so wished.  Not to loud and not one that has words as this can disturb your mind.  If you keep it to a record that is instrumental that will do fine.  There are many New Age CD's out now which have been recorded specially for mediation and visualisation exercises.


Sit yourself comfortably in the middle of this configuration and speaking out loud dedicate your time to the Lords of Light.  Then ask your special Angel to be with you during this exercise, helping you to concentrate.  Ask that you be helped to keep a clear mind.  Lastly ask that if there is something that spirit wishes you to know that it come through to you at this time, but only if it should be so. 


Breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth and keep this up for some time, until you feel yourself relaxing into what you are doing.  During this time on the out breath imagine all the cares of your day dissipating in a long dark line out of your breath and into the earth.  On the in breath imagine a long stream of light being drawn into your body infusing you with health.


Now being ready imagine a very bright light above you about 6 ft above you and it is a large ball of spiritual white light, give yourself a few seconds to get this nice and bright above you then visualise the light splits into three lines joining the three crystals up so that a line of light beams from the spiritual ball to each of the three crystals on the ground.  You should then be inside a three cornered pyramid with the ball of light still hanging overhead.  Keep this visualisation up until you have it strong in your imagination.  You are in the centre.  Sit nice and still and allow the sounds around you to just pass on by you, do not try and block anything out as this will distract you too much, just let the sounds roll on by allowing your mind to recognise them and let them go, the same thing goes for any thoughts that keep creeping in, notice the thought and then put it aside just allowing it to come into your mind and walk on by because it is not going to stay in your mind and it is not important to you.


Sit like this keeping your imagination working on the three crystals lit up from the body of the light above your head, see the line of light leave the ball of spiritual light and make a line of light to each of the three crystals and then see yourself in it.  Keep this up for a good while as you should ensure that you go no further until this stage is complete and strong visually.


Now open your eyes and look at the crystal which you are facing.  Allow your mind to really look at it as if for the first time.  See the light emanating from it as the spiritual ball of light energy above you continues to send light to the crystal, see how it lights the crystal.  See the glow from the inside.  Look into the crystal and see the inclusions in it, the pictures in it.  Ask this crystal to show you its secrets.  Does it have any special features or marks inside or out.  Spend some time looking at it, noting things in it and asking the spirit of the crystal to help you to do this.


After a while turn round and repeat the process with the other two crystals.  Be as thorough as you were with the first crystal as each crystal is different.


When you have finished with the third crystal it is time to thank them for helping you with your meditation.  Thank also your special Angel for the help you have received.


Spend a minute or two just being back in your surroundings and your home before you clear up.


This is an easy mediation with crystals and I recommend that you do this one every night for a week.  After that you could do it now and again in between other meditations. 


As you get used to putting this time aside for your meditation you will find that if you are unable to do this one evening or something happens so that you cannot do it, you will miss it, I guarantee this.


I enjoy this one and practice it often as it is simple, easy and enjoyable.  You will find that working with crystals enhance your ability to visualise and will help with your spiritual advancement ten fold.


Light blessings to you all.



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