By Anji Gill-Jennings C.S.H.V.A.


Hello, it is a while since I have written for crystal corner so I thought a lovely meditation would get me started again, so here goes, lets all contact our crystal angel by taking our very best piece of clear quartz down from the shelf and prepare ourselves.

 For this exercise I will use one of my master crystals called a Devic Temple.  Which is or can be the house of an Angel.  We can do that another day but if you wish to have an angel living permanently in your Devic Temple you should place it on an altar and attend to that altar every day and I mean every day. 

Choose your clearest and highest vibrational piece of crystal.

Wear loose clothing and light some incense or joss sticks and be sure that you wont be interrupted for a while.  Some soft music can be played in the background if you wish but you should not choose a record with words as it can distract the mind.

Sit comfortable and hold you crystal in your right hand.  Spending about 5 minutes breathing slowly, now and again taking deep breaths and holding it and squeezing yourself up tight and releasing your breath and muscles, do this a few times then back to deep breathing, about 5 minutes is a good time to get yourself ready and totally feeling relaxed and ready.  The incense will be doing its work as well.

Holding the crystal in your right hand, as out loud for the Lords of the Universe to be aware of what you wish to do, which is to contact an Angel. 

Out loud dedicate your meditation to all light and for only good always in the hope of contacting an Angel.

Now ask for what you want in full, saying something like;

"I ask my personal Angel to make him / herself known to me through my crystal, I wish to know you and wish you to show yourself and to give me any message or help through the medium of my crystal"

Change hands and hold the crystal now in your left for the rest of the meditation.

Hold it next to your heart and start by seeing the shape of the crystal you are holding in your mind.  Really try and see the crystal and make it a clear image in your mind, keep at it until you have a good hold on your crystals shape and likeness in your minds eye.

Imagine you are being slowly sucked into the crystal itself, and allow yourself to be drawn into the crystal, feel yourself getting smaller and smaller and getting nearer to the crystal until you can see a small door appearing in the side of the crystal and imagine you are stepping inside.....go on take the step.

Inside you imagine you are surrounded in what may seem like wisps of smoke that do not move and it may seem like being inside an iceberg, that is a good way to describe what you should be trying to see yourself in, everything will be clear and crisp and like looking through ice, really feel the sensation as well, practice makes perfect and these exercises get better and better because you are training your mind.

In the distance see a door appearing and look at it, and then ask the Angel to show him/herself to you in any way he/she wishes and to give you a message or just to show to you, you are happy with either of these.  You can say this out loud and then in your mind a few times and mean it, feel it with the whole of your heart for your Angel will know your heart and act accordingly.

Imagine that your heart if pink and draw pink light down into your heart, more and more and concentrate on pink light coming into your heart as you walk slowly towards the door which looks like it is cut into ice.  When you get there just before you go inside, ask again for your Angel and step through the door, at the same time release all the love and pink light that you can out, send it out in a rush of love into the room you have just entered.

Then look and see, is there anyone there, what colour is projecting towards you, even if you see nothing you may see or feel a colour.  Not all of us are seers, a lot of us feel more than anything so you may get a feeling of something or someone or a colour projected to you.  Listen for a name being given or called.

This part of the meditation is for you alone to get from it what you can.  Write down your experience so you can look at it at another time and see if there is meaning in it for you.

Thank the Angel for coming and for the protection that has been round you at this time and thank the crystal deva for its protection and use of its body for the meditation.

Allow yourself to step backwards into your own room and to seeing your crystal held up in front of you. 

Now is the time to write it down, right now while fresh in your mind.

Remember, these things take practice so do it once a month or so and it will get easier.  Also Angels come to people who are giving all their heart an Angel will not come if you are not putting your whole self into it as they are never deceived, they will know your heart.

When finished place crystal back in its place. 


May the light of the Angels always surround you and protect you.


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