For this particular session I would like to show you a very simple but effective use of crystal quartz points.  Two quartz points about 2 inches to 3 inches long, it doesnít really matter as long as they fit into the palm of your hand and are the same size, that is all you need.

All healers understand Chi. All healers know where these points are in the body.  They also know that meridians are like the veins in our body that carry out blood to and from the heart.  The meridians do the same with the subtle energy that moves from chakra to chakra.

The acupuncturist releases blockages and energises points in the body using needles.  The shiatsu practitioner uses pressure on these points, a massage therapist can also release blocked energy using massage and the crystal healer can also work in this way using crystals to clear the meridians first and follow up with pressure on the places needed to be cleared.

So we have two crystal points of the same size quartz that have been cleared and charged in the usual way.  You may want to keep two crystals for this work only (as I do) and each time they are used they should be re-activated with what you want them to do, which will of course be to clear the meridians in the body of blocked energy.

The patient will be lying comfortably on your table with shoes and socks off and you will start by standing at the feet and getting yourself prepared for a healing, centering yourself, saying your affirmations, collecting yourself, asking angels to help.

Hold one of each of the crystals in the palm of your hands.  The left hand should have the point facing up your arm and the right hand crystal should have the point facing towards your fingers so the flow of energy will be correct.

Place the crystals on the bottom of each foot with your hands resting there to hold them in place so your palm will be flat against the foot with the crystal in between.  You should hold this position for at least 5 minutes but no more than 10 minutes.  During the session you can have some quiet music playing for the patient.  For yourself there should be only the constant call for light down for the patient and the visualising of strong light moving up through the person in lines of light. 

You should keep up the concentration throughout and just know that the light will clear the meridians.

The patient may feel something going on and it is always good to discuss afterwards what they felt and put it in the diary for that person.

This is a short session but one that is immensely helpful and if you are sensitive you will feel the light pushing through blockages as it makes its way through the patient.

This type of healing should be done every 6 months or so to keep the meridians clear.



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