Using a Channelling Crystal.


By Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A


A channelling crystal can be recognised by its 7 sided face at the front of the crystal with a triangle at the back.


7 is a magical number and represents the seeker of truth.  The mystic.  The searcher.  The 7 sided face of the channelling crystal is the doorway to finding inner truth. 


Working with this crystal is work of the highest nature.  Connecting with your higher self.  Connecting with the Akashic records, or Angels and higher spiritual forms.  You can even commune with entities from other time dimensions or other forms of existence.  This may take many years or not but practice and regular meditation as well as working from a place of love seated in the heart chakra but connecting with your higher self is important.  Your intent should be of the highest and purest.  You should have a good reason for undertaking this work also.


Channelling is a word used quite a lot in certain circles these days and not all of it is good.  There are many groups who do not really understand what they are doing and may find themselves in trouble.  For instance, there are many entities which are on the look out for a body to use and if not understanding and taking precautions these people could find themselves with entities latching on to their light and not be aware of it.  Possession does not have to be demonic, a negative spirit can drain your energy so you feel tired all the time and drained.  It is something that can happen if the necessary precautions are not taken or channelling is taken up lightly.


It is a misconception that working with channelling means that a guide or spirit will work through you.  As mentioned above if you do not know what you are doing you can be misled and the so called "guide" who is speaking to you may not know anymore than you do and may not be from a higher dimension at all.


True channelling is working from your higher consciousness, when you connect with your higher self and the higher realms and the results will be answers to your questions through the medium of the crystal.


Before attempting a channelling session it is imperative that you prepare yourself, mind, body and soul to be as receptive as possible.  A nice long relaxing bath whilst meditating on what you wish to do should be undertaken.  Preparing the sacred space is important to.  It is so much better to have a room where the television has not been just turned off, somewhere that is your own personal quiet space where you can light incense and have a white candle burning and whatever else you need to help your work.


It is always a good idea to dedicate the session to the light.  Ask for your guides to watch over and protect you.  If you have a special Angel then ask for protection.  Then ask for guidance and that you may receive an answer to your question.


Always have a specific goal in mind and have your question ready.  Draw down and around you the white light of spirit.


Hold your crystal in your left hand and breath deeply for about five minutes, calming yourself and preparing.  Ask the deva of the crystal to work with you and ask that the crystal bring through a clear and precise answer.


You may then proceed holding the 7 sided face of the crystal to your third eye.


Be receptive and open, whatever images you receive, accept them, whatever thoughts you think, accept them, by open and accepting of everything you may think, hear, feel and do not question anything.  If you feel the presence of guides or other and you wish to speak to them then do so but remember to keep yourself in the light and maintain your higher self.


When you feel you have achieved all you may from your session, remove the crystal from your third eye and holding it you may thank the deva for helping you and put the crystal aside.  Take deep breaths and root yourself to the Earth.  Be sure you disconnect and are firmly back in your consciousness.


It is always a good thing when finished your work to have a cup of tea and a biscuit as this also helps to earth you.


Please note that not everyone is suited to this work and that it takes time if you do wish to. 

Regular cleansing and clearing of the chakras will help immensely. 

Regular meditation will also help you in your undertaking. 

Take your time.

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