Here are three articles I found on the internet whilst researching for something completely different.
The authors invite replication with the relevant credits and I thought they would make an interesting addition to the Twisted Tree website.

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The Clan of Anaya

Clann of Anaya, Hearth of Tyr's Hand, TdB

We are a small worshipping community of modern Druids, located on the coast of New Jersey. 
Our roots lie in historical tribal religions of Europe, especially those of the Norse and the Celts, among others. 
Our purpose is that of balance and reconciliation, and we therefore deny no truths, be they Pagan or Christian, ancient or modern - we draw wisdom from all of our roots. 
Our way is that of Kinship:  with our Land, with each other, with our Ancestors, and with the Divine in its many manifestations.   
Our purpose is to weave and re-weave the ties between us and our Universe, as our Ancestors had done before us.



The Morrigan




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