By Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A.

Quartz crystal both receives and magnifies and is a wonderful tool in all healing.
I have previously written about clearing the meridians, which if cleared on a regular basis can go a long way to helping our physical body stay healthy. 
The brain is a very important part of our physical body and therefore keeping it clear of debris and ensuring healing light flows up, through and around it is helpful in many ways.  One of those being that this clearing can help women during the menopause when they can become quite forgetful, this healing with help enormously with that problem. 
It is also very helpful after an operation and aids the patient in becoming whole again.
Old people can benefit more than anybody else, as they get older everything is slowing down and not working in quite the same way as it did and this form of healing with the quartz crystal aids their memory and gives the brain much needed electrical pulses which will charge it up.
All that the healer needs are two pieces of clear quartz.  For this healing I suggest two pieces of Tibetan quartz that I prize highly for its purity and clarity.
After you have made the room ready and the patient is ready you may say the mantra three times, which all healers use just before starting.
A piece of quartz in each hand, right hand facing up and left hand facing down and flat in each palm.  Then place each palm of your hand at the temple of the patient.
This exercise takes a lot of control and you must keep you mind totally on the healing.  Calling in the light at regular intervals and keeping the required image held as long as possible and it should be kept up for at least ten minutes at a first session and can be repeated whenever it is needed but for old people this exercise will benefit them on a regular monthly basis.
The healing light should be directed first to the left brain and all the maze of the brain followed in the minds eye directing the light in and through the left brain. 
Moving to the right brain exactly the same is repeated here.  At intervals repeating the healing mantra.
Having dealt with both side of the brain as a mass light should be directed all around the brain taking special care to direct light to the hypothalamus which is very important, spending time here.
A study of the brain beforehand would be a good thing to see where the important parts are and to understand the functions they perform and then spend a little time individually, as i said the brain is important and care should be taken with this healing.
Lastly, envisage the whole of the inside of the head to be filled with light for a minute and then it is done.
It seems a very simple healing and may be so but it is immensely helpful with headaches, migraine and also with a person who is paralysed.  It is also helpful with poor sight and for concentrating on just poor sight a carnelian or sard joining the tibetan crystals would be really beneficial.
I hope you enjoy trying the meridian cleansing and the brain balance which although simple forms of healing are very, very helpful and I use them all the time and recommend you do also.  I wish you all enjoyment trying out these two new forms of healing.



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